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Paired to Perfection

Finding the perfect wine pairings for your cheese platter takes a bit of planning, so we’ve done it for you with SPAR’s delicious range of cheeses and Olive Brook wines.

The Perfect Cheese Platter

Arrange a delicious cheese platter to go with your wine, with SPAR’s irresistible range of cheeses and wide selection of accompaniments.

Desserts and Wine

Match your after dinner treat with these perfect wine pairings...

Poultry and Wine

Birds of a feather tend to taste better with the right wine...

Seafood and Wine

Everything from Sauvignon to Salmon, find the best wine for your seafood dishes.

Cheese and Wine

Sometimes the quickest way to a great party is a little (or alot) of cheese and good bottle of wine. But with the three million and four variations of cheese and a huge selection of wines to choose from, just how are you to pair t...