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And here they are, the lucky winners!

TOPS at SPAR Wine Show back in Durban!

From Merlot to Malbec, Pinot Noir to Pinotage,  The TOPS at SPAR Wine Show  is back in Durban for its 5 th  consecutive year. The event engages wine lovers of all ages and ilk to try and buy the country’s best bottles directly ...

Olive Brook Quartette

Winner of 2015 silver Veritas for 2012 vintage. From the Icon Collection.

Don't miss the TOPS at SPAR Wine Show!

Top class producers, pop-up theatres and performers headline annual TOPS at SPAR Wine Show  

Paired to Perfection

Finding the perfect wine pairings for your cheese platter takes a bit of planning, so we’ve done it for you with SPAR’s delicious range of cheeses and Olive Brook wines.

The Perfect Cheese Platter

Arrange a delicious cheese platter to go with your wine, with SPAR’s irresistible range of cheeses and wide selection of accompaniments.

African Bishop

A South African twist on a classic 18 th century hot drink using fine South African brandy to give some extra warmth to the delicious combination of ruby Port and honey, all served steaming hot.

Gin Blossom

With a delightful balance of fruity and floral flavours, the Gin Blossom is centred around the gin so be sure to use a good quality brand.


BUFFALO is a lifelong game – there is NO way of getting out of being a Buffalo in a given evening.