Crunchy and Sweet

SPAR Freshline Grapes bring out the creamy flavour of SPAR Marksbury Select Blue Stilton. Pair with wafer-thin apple slices and SPAR Choice Grade Pistachio’s for the perfect bite.


Soft and Juicy

The best cheese platters offer a good balance of textures and flavours, like SPAR Marksbury Select French Camembert served with SPAR Freshline Figs and SPAR Freshline Blueberries. Melba toast is the perfect contrast to the soft texture of Camembert. Make your own Melba toast: leave sourdough bread in the freezer overnight. Slice the frozen bread wafer thin with a mandoline or very sharp knife and dry out in a 100°C oven until crispy.


Mediterranean flavours

SPAR Stuffed Olives and SPAR Kalamata Style Olives offset SPAR Marksbury Select Chevré beautifully. SPAR Mild Dill Gherkins lend zesty crunch to balance the smooth cheese.


Tangy and Crunchy

SPAR Marksbury Select French Brie is the ideal partner to zingy SPAR Orange Marmalade and SPAR Choice Grade Mixed Dried Fruit. Balance that softness and gooeyness with some added crunch: mix together 100g lightly toasted SPAR Choice Grade Almonds and 30ml (2 tbsp) SPAR Choice Grade Honey over medium heat and toast, 5 – 8 minutes. Add a pinch of salt and pour the warm nut mixture over the Brie. Delicious!