Cheese loses a lot of moisture during the ageing process. This process, called affinage, results in an intensified taste, as well as raised fat and protein levels. Ageing also introduces new flavours like nuttiness and butteriness. More mature cheeses need full-bodied wines to enhance the intense flavours of the cheese. This is why Olive Brook Pinnacle Collection Chardonnay pairs beautifully with SPAR Marksbury Select Grana Padano. The Chardonnay is well structured and it enhances the buttery notes of the cheese.


Medium-aged cheeses, like SPAR Marksbury Select Mature Cheddar, require fruity, red wines with a smooth and silky finish to counteract the bold flavour. Serving the cheese with ripe, red berries and figs makes the combination with Olive Brook Prestige Collection Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon even more sublime. This pairing also works well with SPAR Marksbury Select Danish Blue Cheese, which calls for a well-balanced wine to stand up to its rich and tangy flavour.


Semi-hard cheeses, like SPAR Marksbury Select Emmentaler, pair well with a fresh and juicy white wine, like Olive Brook Prestige Collection Sauvignon Blanc. The acidity and crispness of this varietal offsets to perfection the slightly sweet and nutty taste of this cheese, which has a mild and smooth mouth feel.  SPAR Marksbury Select Sheep’s Milk Cheese also complements this wine well.