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Olive Brook Chenin Blanc

A blend from chenin blanc grapes from three different vineyards.

Olive Brook Quartette

Winner of 2015 silver Veritas for 2012 vintage. From the Icon Collection.

Olive Brook Merlot

Blended from the fruit of three vineyards of merlot.

Olive Brook Crafter’s Choice Sémillon 2015

The sémillon fruit originates from a single vineyard. Part of this wine is barrel fermented, with the blending of the tank and barrel components initiated in accordance with the chemistry of the wines and the sensory charact...

Olive Brook Optimus Sauvignon Blanc sur lie

Winner 2014 Bronze Veritas for 2012 vintage

Olive Brook Le Geminus

Winner of 2013 Double Gold Veritas for 2010 vintage; 2013 & 2014 bronze Veritas for 2011 vintage; 2014 Double Gold Michelangelo for 2010 vintage.  (Sauvignon Blanc/Sémillon – White Bordeaux style blend)

Olive Brook Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon

Winner of Bronze Veritas 2013 for 2011 Vintage Blended from the fruit of one syrah and one cabernet sauvignon vineyard

Olive Brook Sauvignon Blanc

Blended from the fruit of three different sauvignon blanc vineyards