The great thing about having a shebeen style party is that it is easy on your pocket. Use African crystal (enamel cups) for drinks. Set up quart crates and blankets for people to chill out on. No cutlery is necessary, just supply serviettes and use your hands. Add some township ambiance with hand-painted signage marking out where guests can find the bar and toilets.



‘Shisa nyama’, directly translated to ‘burnt meat,’ is a Zulu term for a braai. But the beauty of a shisa nyama is in the simplicity. All you need to eat is meat, meat and more meat.  Pile it high and keep it coming. You don’t need fancy salads garnished with micro-herbs. Serve with thick slices of tomato and bowls of pap or chargrilled mielies. Finely chopped green chillies and chutney will give the meal some extra voema.



For a real taste of the townships, hook up some sorghum beer and quarts for your friends to try. Make sure the music matches the mood too – get a playlist together with some local hip hop, kwaito or township jive to get your guests in the shebeen groove. Now put on those dancin’ shoes!