Find yourself a cool spot in a park to lay down a blanket and enjoy a picnic with friends. Alternatively, picnic in the comfort of your own home by taking to the garden.  Move the dining table and chairs outside for a luxurious alfresco experience.


Lay rugs or thick blankets down to protect people from prickly grass and ants. If your get-together is taking place in the evening, experiment with different types of lighting. Invest in a few garden lanterns and fairy lights or simply use candles in brown paper bags as an affordable option. Citronella scented candles or mosquito coils are a great idea too.


Bite size snacks always go down a treat at a garden party. Fill the table with summery delights like cupcakes, scones and muffins. On the savoury side, choose finger sandwiches, cheeses, pâté and biscuits. Make a giant bowl of punch loaded with fresh fruit pieces for guests to help themselves to. And remember to keep the ice close by in a cooler.