Red or white? Dark, bold and dramatic or light, bright and airy? If you love wine but aren’t really sure which type suits your personality, you could look to your personal style for the answer.

The clothes you wear might point to more than just your taste in fashion and actually reveal your taste in wine.  Check out your favourite fashion trend to find out which wine fits you (like a glove!):

Indie rocker

Grunge, the iconic 1990s fashion style is back! Check pattern plaid shirts, usually in red and black, characterise the revival, although distressed denims, leather, combat boots and Dr. Martens still typify this style, renowned for its edginess. A sultry pairing is a full-bodied Shiraz blend (like the Olive Brook Shiraz Cabernet). The surprise aromas of pepper, cherries and chocolate make this wine, much like grunge, one of the sexiest ensembles around right now.

Wear your art on your sleeve

Over-the-top, in your face outrageousness; avant-garde pairs anything from satin and leather to chunky biker boots and velvet. Whatever you wear it’ll scream, ‘I’ve arrived!’ And no doubt with a glass of sweet and effervescent Olive Brook Moscato in your hand, as the perfect accompaniment to this eccentric style. It features floral notes and a hint of stone fruit – is it nectarine?  Definitely worth another sip to find out.

Dressed for success

If you mean business in the office and at home, and blur the lines between the two with confident but relaxed corporate wear, you’re the power dresser. This style is modest, elegant and sophisticated, making it the perfect match for a fresh and medium-bodied Olive Brook Chenin Blanc. This is wonderful example of Chenin, featuring elements of honey, nuts and ripe pineapple with a floral undertone. The power dresser style is clean, formal and uncluttered, much like this cultivar. 

Radically retro

Anything from the 1990s and earlier counts as vintage these days, and the current fav is the bright and bold 70s. If flairs, puffy sleeves and boho floral fabrics, are your thing, you’re a certified vintage fan. A rich red Pinotage is a wine that will provide the required sense of nostalgia. You’re sure to enjoy the dark cherry, earthy and smokey flavour of Olive Brook Pinotage. Because vintage fashion is like wine; it gets better with time.