Bright, floral and infinitely versatile, Chenin Blanc is the most widely planted grape variety in South Africa. It’s known for its high acidity and making every family braai an experience. Wine lovers adore its unique character and charm. From dry and crisp to sweet and luscious, its diverse flavour profile makes it the ideal pairing for an array of dishes. With its medium body, it always masses enjoyment for many and pairs well with blossoming friendships.

Olive Brook Everyday Chenin Blanc
On the palate, our Olive Brook Everyday Chenin Blanc is crisp with freshness, much like cold winter mornings. It is an elegant, ideally balanced wine, loaded with layers of different flavour impressions, including subtle lime notes. It is best enjoyed chilled with a Sunday beef roast as you chase away the Monday blues that threaten to follow…

Wine not try something new?
With subtle lime accents and fruity aromatics, our Olive Brook Everyday Chenin Blanc pairs well with most seafood and poultry dishes. As we enter the cooler months, why not try something new and pair it with a hearty butter chicken and prawn curry? It’s sure to cut through the buttery texture, while its acidity will help bring out the spicy, savoury flavour. You can pick up your bottle at TOPS at SPAR.

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