Start with everyone sitting around a table. Pass around blank strips of paper to all the players involved. Each person must write the name of a person on their card.

The rules are simple:

  1. The person must be well-known or famous. For example, Kanye West or Charlize Theron.
  2. The person can be real or fictitious.  For example, Oprah Winfrey or Superman. (I'm pretty sure Superman is real though)
Place the cards, face down, on the table and pass your card to the person on your right. You will receive a card from the person on your left.  Pick up the card, so that the blank side is facing you, lick the back and stick it on your forehead. Everyone but you should be able to see your card, while you can read everyone else’s.

Start with one person who asks the group a “yes or no” questions to figure out who they are. E.g. Am I a male? If the answer is, “yes” they may proceed to ask another question. If the answer is, “no” they must take a sip of their drink and the person on their right may now ask a question.

But remember, don’t try to guess who you are too soon: If your guess is wrong, you’ll need to finish your whole drink!