The reason large collections of wine are kept in a cellar is mainly to keep them at a stable temperature. The ideal temperature to store wine is between 12°C - 16°C. Any higher and wine matures too quickly. Any lower and wine won’t mature properly. Be sure to keep your vino away from direct sunlight too.


Take a tip from the Russian gurus and always serve your vodka at arctic temperatures. This can be easily achieved by simply storing the bottle in the freezer. The high alcohol content means the liquid won’t freeze easily but it will get damn cold. This rule also applies to tequila, rum and gin.  

Storing Port Like a Pro

It’s best to stand your new port bottle upright for a minimum of 24 hours for younger ports and up to 1 week for vintage ports. This allows the sediment in the bottle to sink to the bottom. Your port is ready to go when you can see see a fine layer of dark particles at the bottom of the bottle.

Try decanting your port into another bottle. Carefully and slowly pour the liquid into a decanter. Stop pouring the port once you can see the sediment enter the neck of the bottle.

Keep the bottle in a place between 21°C to 27°C.