2018 TOUR DATES: DBN 31 AUG - 1 SEP, CT 28 - 29 SEP, PTA 2 - 3 NOV

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With the delicious beers of German Master Brewer Wolfgang Koedel on tap, sometimes it's hard to rememebr there's more to the TOPS at SPAR Bierfest than just beautiful beer. Read on to catch a glimpse of some other things going down on the town square of Biervaria.

For a start, you can team up with a friend and test your mettle at our Log Saw station. More a test of teamwork than brute strength, you'll have to operate either end of a crosscut saw to cut through one of our mighty logs in the fastest time. Each session two lumberjohanneses will be taking home our undying respect and some awesome prizes. Pro tip: rhythm is key to a quick cut – and they get quick - the best time last year countrywide was just under 8 seconds!
If that's a bit hands-on you could always take a trip past our 6-seater snuff cannon (that needs to be experienced to be believed) or you could try your hand at cow milking. Pippa is a life-size fibreglass dairy cow we love so much she might as well be the real thing. Pay a crown to have a turn at the milking stool and if you can get enough into your bucket in 90 seconds you could walk away with a one litre beer voucher! The person who milks the most each session also gets some great goodies. Pro tip: Just like a real cow the gentler you are, the better you'll fare.
Something you could even try at home is the ancient art of Masskrugstemmen, better known in Biervaria as Mass Heben. This is an old brauhaus game played the world over: you stand with one arm behind your back and the other straight in front of you, parallel to the ground, holding one litre of delicious beer. Now try not to drink it for as long as you can, keeping the arm straight and straight in front of you as a test of mental and physical frotitude. In our brauhaus we have a 500ml category for ladies and finalists from both genders will duke it out on stage for the title of Strongest Biervarian and an armful of swag.
Last but not least, our Best Dressed Biervarians competition is hotly contested every year so make sure to put on your finest Lederhosen or Dirndl when you join us and you could walk away with the biggest prize of them all!