2018 TOUR DATES: DBN 31 AUG - 1 SEP, CT 28 - 29 SEP, PTA 2 - 3 NOV


Lederhosen and Dirndls

It doesn’t matter if you're Bavarian or not, everyone is encouraged to wear traditional attire during Oktoberfest - and we mean everyone! Once you step into the festival ground all you will see is ladies wearing dirndl dresses (bodice, blouse and full skirt often adorned with an apron) and men rocking those iconic lederhosen and suspenders (finished off with a checked shirt, long socks and a traditional hiking hat). Don't be left out, make sure you dress to impress! 

Tapping the first keg

The Oktoberfest begins on a Saturday in the second half of September with the ceremonious tapping of the first keg at noon. Traditionally done by Munich’s Mayor at the oldest tent of the festival, the Schottenhamel tent, the Mayor always does his best to tap the keg with the traditional wooden hammer in the fewest possible hits: the next day’s newspapers will all have a headline about how many he took! Once it's finally done he (and everyone assembled) shout out “O’zapft is!” declaring "it is open" and a volley of guns are fired - a sign to the landlords in the other tents that they can start selling beer.

Ein Prosit der Gem├╝tlichkeit

Roughly translated to a 'toast to the happiness that comes from being together' and if there's one song you're definitely going to hear at Oktoberfest – this is it. In each tent, almost every 20 minutes, this short little song is played to lift people's spirits and their glasses. Reminding them why they're there in the first place: joining a host of people enjoying delicious beer.

Even if you manage to dance in your dirndl (or leap in your lederhosen) while a Mayor taps the keg and sings Ein Prosit, it wouldn't feel the same without that delicious German Master Brewed beer... no problem! Head down to TOPS at SPAR Bierfest, proudly poured by CBC. It's five hours of that Oktoberfest feeling powered by some of South Africa's finest beer- brewed by a real German Master Brewer. Go on, put some Munich in your mouth!