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2018 TOUR DATES: DBN 31 AUG - 1 SEP, CT 28 - 29 SEP, PTA 2 - 3 NOV


A fruity and satisfying aromatic German style unfiltered Weissbier of Hefeweizen.

Tasting notes

ALCOHOL: 5.4 Vol%


COLOUR: Amber. This beer is traditionally not filtered and retains a cloudiness from the yeast.

FERMENTATION: Warm fermentation. Top fermenting yeast.

CHARACTERISTICS: Fruity and aromatic with banana and a slight hint of clove. Slightly hopped giving a light bitterness at the finish.

INTERESTING FACT: In Germany, particularly Bavaria, Weissbier is considered a typical breakfast beer.


MALT: 50% caramel barley malt & 50% wheat malt
HOPS: Selected noble hops from Bavaria
YEAST: Specially cultured top fermented yeast
WATER: Crystal clear Paarl mountain water