Legendary Cocktail Recipes

Looking for something delicious to perk up your party? Then give our legendary Cocktail of The Month a try. Feel free to browse through previous Cocktail of the Month recipes for further ‘drinkspiration.’

All cocktails have been made especially for TOPS at SPAR by Barcode.  

Range of cocktails


A simple and refreshing crowd pleaser for the hot summer months! A slightly drier and more grown up drink, combines Bourbon Whiskey with ginger liqueur, fresh lime juice and tonic water.

East India

A very old cocktail created in the late 1800’s the East India is nonetheless a lesson in delicate pairing of complex flavours. The dry Maraschino liqueur can sometimes prove a bit of a challenge to find but well worth the ef...

El Diablo

Tequila pairs perfectly with the blackcurrant flavours of Crème de Cassis to provide one of the easiest ways to enjoy Tequila you’re likely to find.


A delicious and slightly sweeter bubbly cocktail originally created in the 1940’s with gold rum. We like Brandy with ours but try both by all means and make your own decision!

4 Floors Margarita

The Four Floors Margarita combines fresh grapefruit juice with Campari, Tequila and triple sec for a complex and delicious twist.

Kentucky Sunrise

Beer cocktails are not a new innovation but are greatly increasing in popularity as the range of flavourful craft beers in interesting styles becomes greater and more widely available. The Kentucky Sunrise pairs a flavourful IPA (...

Kew Garden

A unique and refreshing variation on the classic Mojito using fresh cucumber and elderflower to conjure up flavours of the traditional English garden.


A traditional Scandinavian hot punch for the cold winter months! Glögg combines a selection of warm spices and dried fruit with Vodka, Red Wine and Port, all gently simmered to produce a wonderfully complex and tasty variation on ...

Passionfruit Collins

A variation on the classic Tom Collins, the addition of granadilla pulp gives an exotic twist to one of the great gin cocktails.