Legendary Cocktail Recipes

Looking for something delicious to perk up your party? Then give our legendary Cocktail of The Month a try. Feel free to browse through previous Cocktail of the Month recipes for further ‘drinkspiration.’

All cocktails have been made especially for TOPS at SPAR by Barcode.  

Range of cocktails


A delicious and slightly sweeter bubbly cocktail originally created in the 1940’s with gold rum. We like Brandy with ours but try both by all means and make your own decision!

4 Floors Margarita

The Four Floors Margarita combines fresh grapefruit juice with Campari, Tequila and triple sec for a complex and delicious twist.

Kentucky Sunrise

Beer cocktails are not a new innovation but are greatly increasing in popularity as the range of flavourful craft beers in interesting styles becomes greater and more widely available. The Kentucky Sunrise pairs a flavourful IPA (...

Kew Garden

A unique and refreshing variation on the classic Mojito using fresh cucumber and elderflower to conjure up flavours of the traditional English garden.


A traditional Scandinavian hot punch for the cold winter months! Glögg combines a selection of warm spices and dried fruit with Vodka, Red Wine and Port, all gently simmered to produce a wonderfully complex and tasty variation on ...

Passionfruit Collins

A variation on the classic Tom Collins, the addition of granadilla pulp gives an exotic twist to one of the great gin cocktails.