Typically falling around the beginning of June, our festival promises unparalleled angling adventures and community engagement. TOPS at SPAR's steadfast commitment breathes life into the heart of Kamberg, empowering local initiatives such as acquiring reading materials and more. As enthusiasts cast lines against the stunning backdrop of Kamberg Valley, TOPS at SPAR's support ensures a legacy of camaraderie and conservation.


The TOPS KTF team is dedicated to stocking the dams with plenty of big fish, ensuring each angler has a chance to reel in a memorable catch. Beyond the thrill of the competition, a percentage of the festival's profits goes towards supporting locals and encouraging upliftment in the Kamberg community.

Embraced by lush landscapes and teeming waters, the festival welcomes teams who have made this event a tradition for years. As we prepare for the festivities, meticulous attention is paid to every detail, from the time-honoured tradition of the dam draw to the essential catch returns that inform our stewardship of these pristine waters.


As preparations unfold, anticipation builds for the unveiling of this year's fishing itinerary:

Thursday, June 6th:
Registration opens at 4pm, followed by a welcoming dinner.

Friday, June 7th:
Rise and shine at 6am for the first fishing session, followed by a second session at 1pm.
A small prize-giving ceremony will take place on Friday night.

Saturday, June 8th:
Another day of fishing kicks off at 6am, followed by a second session at 1pm.

Sunday, June 9th:
For those eager to extend the angling adventure, optional fishing is available at certain dams.