The 1700's brought about rum, sea voyages and a sip-worthy currency. At that time, coins were in short supply on the ships, so traders resorted to bartering. One of the most reasonable and easily accessible products aboard was rum.

The spirit was traded among sailors, pirates and various countries, and became a traditional part of sailors' lives, even leading to the creation of the infamous 'Grog' cocktail.

White Rum

For muddling mojitos, daquiris and more.

Spiced Rum

Think golden rum plus spices.

Overproof Rum

At 60%, it works well as a flaming shot (but put it out before you drink it).

Dark Rum

An intense rum with a deep, rich taste and smoky finish.



Tall glass


25ml Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold
125ml Lager
50ml Lemonade


1. Fill a tall glass with ice cubes.
2. Add in 25ml Captain Morgan Spiced Gold.
3. Pour 125ml lager and 50ml lemonade into the glass.
4. Stir Well.